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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  August 1, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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the sun will come up when we're on and we'll see the fallout. i hope you join us there. i'm don lemon in for erin i'm don lemon in for erin burnett tonight. -- captions by vitac -- good evening. thanks very much for joining us. tonight, somewhere an israeli soldier is either spending his first night in captivity or dead. we don't know. his name is hadar goldin. now a massive search is underway, so israeli military operations and pal tin gyins ar dead. hamas did not claim responsibility, which is not unusual. they waited weeks before kidnapping a soldier before claiming knowledge of it. late tonight, it's military wing said it has no information on lieutenant goldin. president obama late today making no distinctions blaming hamas and the palestinian
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factions responsible. >> i want to make sure that they are listening if they are serious about trying to resolve this situation, that soldier needs to be unconditionally released as soon as possible. >> tonight, what was intended to be the first of three nights of calm in the first day of negotiating has instead become what could be a tipping point toward the worst. jim sciutto has new details what happened and on the search for us tonight, an up close view of the military operations that followed and continue in the night. first to john voss, what's the latest there? >> reporter: well, anderson, for the last couple days, we're constantly hearing the sound of artillery. that's not happening tonight. that's all but stopped. in it's place we hear air strikes, a dozen or so air strikes to the east of gaza city in the last few hours alone. they have been very regular. you can hear the engine of the f-16.
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it gets louder as it gets closer. you can hear the missile being launched. a few seconds later, a flash of light and a very loud and ploex. there are strikes carried out by drones. a lot of drones in the skies tonight. many more than we've seen and heard in the past. there is a lot of activity going on here now. the palestinian officials say the areas being targeted east of gaza city are being, they are hitting, we're told houses. we don't know why, we don't know who owns those houses. but we're also being told there are a number of fatalities but given the number of air strikes, repeatedly, the death toll will continue to rise, anderson. >> 250 wounded, what was the scene like? that is the region in which the search is underway for the israeli soldier. >> were we down there, the israelis told everyone to get out. go stay indoors, just don't go
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out and people were taking that advice. we passed a lot of cars crammed with people. other people had decided to stay inside. we did get to speak to some of the residents there who said that there had just been this consta constant artillery going on and on and on. many said it was a seize fire, they didn't know what was going on. there is an update on the death toll. we heard that another 23 people have been killed just in the last couple hours and so those military operations continue. that now means 95 people have been killed since the seize fire collapsed. we went to the hospital where many of the wounded have been treated and it was grim. there were doctors there literally standing in pools of blood trying to treat some of the wounded, as well, and there are also dead bodies of children, as well. so, yeah, it was pretty grim down there. it was awful.
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>> john voss, appreciate the update. be careful. now jim sciutto has been learning more about the capture of lieutenant goldin. >> in the last several moments, a statement coming from the military wing of hamas claiming that this soldier is likely dead. the circumstances that the group gives, is they lost the group of the holy worriers and we assume all of them have been martyrs in an israeli shelling including they say the israeli soldier in the attack. this is coming just now in a statement from the brigade, the military wing of hamas. let me tell you what i heard from israeli sources. anderson, they tell me a unit of the brigade, an elite israeli military unit, in attempt to clear tunnels inside gaza, they went into a home in gaza where
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an entrance to a tunnel was hidden, that a suicide bomber emerged from the entrance and detonated himself and then at some point after that, a group of fighters took away the third soldier. now, what i'm told, that third soldier, anderson, was close to the explosion, the detonation of the suicide vest. so it is reasonable to assume that he was at least injured in that attack. and also, i'm told that because he was able to be taken away, presumably, possibly, they think he may be injured, as well. that's all i'm getting from the israeli side and you're hearing from the palestinian side, them claiming that the soldier was killed along with the fighters that may have attempted to grab him. that's coming in the last few moments, anderson, and certainly not confirmed at this point. >> jim, let me ask you about that statement. we may not know this, it may not inform us too much. are they therefore confirming they were attempting to capture an israeli soldier, and also, is
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there anything on the timing of this? because obviously, the israelis are saying this occurred an hour and a half, 90 minutes after the seize fire began and would be a violation of the seize fire. earlier there had been a statement from a hamas official quoted in turkish media who said they had attempted to get somebody but that it was before the seize fire. >> well, it's great. first question first, are they admitting they attempted to grab a soldier? the statement says may have been attempting to do this. it's interesting, that would then gel with some of the statements we've been hearing from hamas saying we have no information. that's the wording that osama used with me. he is a hamas spokesman. he has no information hamas warriors -- >> he's from the political wing and a lot of experts say look, often the political wing has no idea what is happening on the ground. >> no question and fair point. i was only making the point,
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anderson, that statement, that wording leaves some wiggle room that he has no information. it doesn't mean they didn't attempt to do it. now you have the brigade, the military wing saying their forces may have attempted to do this. so exactly, it's an admission that that was underway. now to be clear, from the perspective of hamas tight fighters and palestinian leaders, this point was made to wolf blitzer in the last hour, this is a war, a battle the israelis captured many palestinian fighters. palestinian fighters capturing an israeli fighter in enemy contact, which hamas says was taking place while the seize fire was underway from their perspective, that would just be an act of war and not a war crime. so, you know, as always, you and i covered this for a long time. they are two very different points of view into what takes place in these battles. >> the timing is particularly important for that reason.
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jim sciutto appreciate it. before this happened, whatever, precisely did happen, israelis not only heavily backed the operation but opposed by a wide margin and reports the israeli government was on the brink of declaring victory. now it appears all bets are off. i spoke to the chief spokesman for bing minute netanyahu. what is your reaction to hamas saying they had nothing to do with the kp tocapture of this soldier? >> well, we know the soldier has been kidnapped. that's our operational assessment and the military is now searching the vicinity to hopefully, we can find him and return him to his unit but i think hamas has a problem in admitting culpability because that means they have to admit breaking the seize fire and though i think it's common knowledge they did break the seize fire as we heard from president obama, they don't want to admit it publicly because
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then they will have a problem with the people of gaza because i think more than anyone else, the people of gaza wanted this seize fire to kick in because the people of gaza had the most to gain from that. >> it seems to me there is a couple of reasons or explanations for them not admitting it. one, they didn't do it. two, they did it but they want to get the soldier out of the immediate area, and they want to buy time, so they are lying about it. three, one branch doesn't know what the other branch is doing, the political wing in qatar doesn't know what is happening on the ground or four, they are not really in control of the factions there. i know some other faction. are those all viable options? >> what you're basically saying they are totally dysfunctional, but either way we know they are a brutal enemy. they are extremists. they are ruthless, that they have -- they don't play by the rules. we woke up this morning
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believing we would start a seize fire. the united nations received assurances that hamas was going to abide by this seize fire and then just an hour and a half after the seize fire started, you get this unprovoked attack on our forces. two soldiers being killed. one soldier kidnapped and you get mortar fire on the frontier and missile fire. hamas clearly torpedoed the chance for a seize fire. i think it's pafair to say thiss part of the course. this must be the fifth or sixth seize fire hamas torpedoed before it began. >> there was a meeting in israel tonight to discuss the seize fire as well as the capture of the soldier. can you tell us anything about the outcome of that? >> i'm afraid i could not. that would be improper. security meetings in israel are confidential. >> okay. >> it's clear the focus up until now was on the military track and the diplomatic track and
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seeing how those tracks compliment each other, hamas has shut the door to the diplomatic track. today when they torpedoed the seize fire, think of the hours of hard work put in by the secretary of state of the united states, secretary of the united nations, egyptians, europeans to make this package that we're starting this morning at 8:00. phone calls to make this da plom -- diploma see and it fell apart. i think it will take a backseat to the military, we're going to put the military pressure on hamas. we're going to be dealing with hamas military machine with missiles, and you got to remember, the missiles still raining down on israeli cities and we have to deal with that. we'll deal with the tunnels and find the soldier, a major effort to find the missing offer. >> if it was hamas and in fact a
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conscience decision by hamas to blow the seize fire by kidnapping an israeli soldier, it shows a, the value they place on kidnapping an israeli soldier and having an israeli soldier. it also is just a tremendous blow to the humanitarian needs of all the citizens under their control. >> 100% correct. ultimately, what you saw today is hamas not only killed israelis. hamas not only torpedoed negotiated un supported seize fire, humanitarian seize fire but they also destroyed the chances of bringing immediate and concrete relief to the people of gaza. and this is the abcertainty. hamas is very happy to complain about the suffering in gaza and to make sure that's seen on television, but they are not willing to do anything to alleviate that. the people of gaza tonight, i'm
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sure our intelligence will validate this, must be furious, angry with hamas. they were supposed to get at a minimum three-day period for support that we know they need very badly, and that is not happening, simply because hamas said no. i think this should, i think, present to everyone, what is the real reason this conflict continues? is the real reason the people of gaza suffer? it's because of this terrible authoritarian extremist fundamentalest regime. >> appreciate you being on, mark, thank you. >> my pleasure. coming up, the palestinian perspective. i'll speak to the ambassador of the united nations next. ups is a global company, but most of our employees
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hadar goldin unknown. >> anderson, to your question you asked me a few moments ago, what about the timing of this clash with soldiers? the brigade, the military wing of hamas says this clash began at 7:00 a.m., so an hour before the seize fire was meant to begin and continued up to about 8:00 a.m. they are claiming it happened before the seize fire took effect, and as you and i have spoken about, there have been allegations throughout the day, for instance, the spokesman told me earlier in the day, that they also observed israeli troops advancing, you know, as that seize fire was approaching. the military wing is saying that only the political wing agreed to a seize fire that said that all fire would stop from hamas side. the military wing says they agree to stop firing on israeli territory, israeli troops outside gaza but not stop fire against israeli troops inside
5:18 pm
gaza. this gets to a real weakness in the seize fire agreement because it did allow israeli operations to continue up to existing battle lines. the battle lines extending into gaza and in addition to that, you see a clear division between hamas' military wing and political. the mediating forces who negotiated this agreement said one thing but we, the military wing never agreed to that. that's a real problem going forward, anderson. we talked about this a lot. if the hamas' political leaders cannot control the military wing, you know, do any of these agreements have any value going forward? it's a real problem. >> thank you. joining me, mr. ambassador. let me ask you about that point. does one arm of hamas know what the other arm is doing? >> i ask about the leadership of
5:19 pm
hamas, how do they speak on behalf of all of hamas. i saw them the other day speaking on charlie rose and asked that question and he responded by saying that they are one and he speaks on behalf of all of hamas. >> all day long he has been saying we have no information about any of this, about this soldier, and now we have a statement from the military wing saying, oh, yes, there was this operation, go into some detail about it. >> the one you have, an area of frictions and military forces from the israeli side so close to many heavily populated areas in the gaza strip and they are occupying part of the gaza strip, then one can very easily expect some frictions and some fighting taking place, including with regard to the tunnels. you have maybe the beginning of a tunnel in one area, it might be under israeli occupying forces in gaza now but the end
5:20 pm
of it might be on the other side and if there are on the other side gorillas from the palestinian side and the israeli soldiers are advancing, who can predict that there will not be confrontation between them? it is a very complicated situation. >> but my question, though, is if the political, you said that the political wing in qatar speaks for the organization. if the political wing is saying we have no information about this and we have a detailed statement from the military wing at this late hour that says the political wing has no idea what the military wing is doing. >> even in the case of israel lie armed forces, in the morning they were telling something, later on as the progress of the day was, you know, as the day was unfolding, they started getting more information about exactly what happened, and it is safe to assume that the political leadership of hamas did not have, you know, the
5:21 pm
details of what happened in that incident and later on, when they made their contacts with the people in the ground, they were able to have a clearer picture. >> but, the political wing still has not made any statement about it. this is a statement from the military wing. the larger point is, you know, there are those and jim sciutto raised the question doesn't it make it difficult for israel to have faith in negotiations with palestinian factions if the sense is that there are so many divisions between these factions? >> let me just say that the palestinian groups led by the president say they are repeating that call and president had 12 leaders from all political
5:22 pm
groups that will leave to cairo to negotiate with the israelis through the egyptians in order to have the seize fire in place and to try also to extend the period of time from three days to a longer seize fire and to work very hard for a sustainable seize fire and to deal with the root causes of this conflict so that we can move into possibly more of a comprehensive seize fire. we are committed to that, and we are determined to do it, and president said they will leave to cairo tomorrow morning. >> some suggests perhaps some fighters from hamas did not understand the deal that was made, the seize fire deal that was made and agreed to certainly by the political wing of hamas. i don't understand how that could be possible because the announcement was made many hours before the seize fire went into effect.
5:23 pm
do you believe it's possible that one side, one part didn't know that they weren't supposed to have offensive operations? >> well, when you say one part, it may be one small part, you know, that is possible, but what is really important is not to be focused on the option of continuation of war and destruction because there is no justification whatsoever to kill. in a span of less than 24 hours, close to 100 persons, most of them civilians and hundreds injured and your reporters on the ground showed the tragedy in which the civilian population among the palestinians are at the receiving end of the tragedy and the life of our people is as important as the life of anyone, including the israelis but if the focus is only on the soldier and really to give a coverup for killing large number of
5:24 pm
civilian, palestinian civilians in a span of one day, this large number of civilians in the gaza strip in total in the last 24 hours, 169 killed and hundreds injured. there is no justification whatsoever for killing innocent civilians for any reason for any story that could be pushed by anyone. >> it -- >> and the seize fire story is that we want to address this tragic situation in the gaza strip in which about 10,000 palestinians have been killed or injured. the great majority of them, 880 are civilians. >> is there -- >> we want to put an end to that. >> there was a prime opportunity to do that. there was a 72-hour seize fire to take place if all sides honored it. do you not entertain the possibility hamas could be responsible for violating the seize fire, and if so, why would
5:25 pm
israel want to enter, sit down right now at the negotiating table with a group that they feel that is not going to honor any agreement made. >> is the option of continuation the carnage of civilians in the gaza strip is a solution to the situation? >> isn't it a decision that was made by whoever violated the size feseize fire but continuin operations and capturing a soldier, isn't it hamas who made that decision to punish the very people of gaza who they are supposed to represent? >> the people that are punished in the gaza strip are by the israeli army. they are the ones killing them. they are the ones making them displaced -- >> you don't believe hamas bears responsible for firing rockets near schools or anything else? >> what we're saying is we want to put an end to the cycle of violence. if we want to stay in the field of who is responsible for what, we are not going to address the most important issue of putting
5:26 pm
an end to the tragedy. we are interested in putting an end to this tragedy. let us move forward. we are saying, all palestinian groups including hamas are willing and ready to honor and respect the seize fire. they are willing and ready to go to cairo and to begin the process of negotiation. why don't we focus on that? why don't we focus on the large number of civilians being killed including during the last 24 hours. is that not important? >> well, we certainly have been focussing on that for ma m days now, but certainly the reason we're focussing on this soldier right now, this is the incident which has destroyed a seize fire, a hard would be seize fire. so that's the significance of why we're focussing on that. >> yeah, but i think it's our collective responsibility is to salvage the situation and seize fire and if we can, salvage it, i think it is the duty to do so. i'm telling you from our side, the palestinian side, we're ready and willing.
5:27 pm
president is committed and all groups will be represented. they will be in cairo tomorrow. e gimgyptians are inviting both sides. palestinians and israel leas will show up and if they want to stay on this incident, it means they are not interested in giving peace a chance, a seize fire a chance. let us give the seize fire a chance, begin the process of talking, extend the three days to possibly seven days or longer so that people can use their heads in dealing with the situation instead of being angry and dealing with it with their feelings and anger and therefore more people will be killed and unfortunately, in this case will be palestinian civilians. >> apriest yoeeiest -- apprecia time. >> you're welcome. >> the national ordeal this story resooifs. the five-year captivity by another soldier in hamas. [ male announcer ] this is the cat that drank the milk... [ meows ]
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obviously, the family of
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hadar goldin and his fellow soldiers are enduring a difficult night not knowing whether he's dead or what could be a long ordeal for this family. this is as peter learner told me earlier, hamas' mo. nearly three years ago, idf sergeant major was released after more than five years in hamas captivity, during which time the militants denied taking him and refused him visits from the red cross. with the that, you can understand why this latest incident is a body blow to so many israelis. joining us helped negotiate the release. lieutenant colonial learner says this has the mo of hamas. do you agree with that? >> i think it's most likely hamas that is responsible. it is their motive operation with the suicide bomber and then the grabbing of a soldier, this is their stated goal.
5:33 pm
just yesterday i had a conversation with a pal testini friend of mine who said they would not agre to a seize fire until they abducted some soldiers. this is some 30, 36 hours ago this was told to me. here we have the mission done the next morning. i think it is most likely them that do it. >> the speaks man for hamas that talked to cnn denies they have knowledge of it from their people on the ground. you say when he was abducted, hamas refused to take responsibility or claim knowledge of that abduction for several weeks. is that just to try to get the person out of the immediate area so they are trying to buy themselves time? >> i think the hamas representative, they had no information, he has no information, the political wing has no information. i think it's likely this is an
5:34 pm
operation that was done and decided on by the military wing. they didn't inform them, the political wing, didn't ask for permission or instructions to do it. that's the way this war is working now. the political people are trying to negotiate a seize fire. they don't necessarily have command on the ground. they don't have the agreement of the military wing but trying to show they are in charge of the show. >> you talked about the nature of the various palestinian factions and within hamas the political wing and military wing. that has to complicate negotiations to get a captured soldier back. >> it makes it almost impossible. the decision-making process is complex. some bodies are secretive in which all the members in the counsel even know who all the other members are. i don't think anyone is absolutely sure all the members of the burro are and they make decisions usually by consensus. it's a long, tedious process.
5:35 pm
there is no declared leader of hamas today. they don't have a president. they don't have someone elected to be their decision maker. one of many decision makers, after israel assassinated the founder of hamas, there is no senior leader with authority of hamas and after the assassination in 2012, there is no single ultimate commander of the military forces. so it's a very diverse leadership with a lot of divisions and political struggles within the political branch and military branch and doesn't seem to me today the political branch has direct authority over the military. >> do you think israel would be able to get this soldier back? i mean, from a military standpoint in the immediate hours and days? >> i think it's very unlikely, i think it will be difficult to find him even with the enormous military presence there. the israelis couldn't find him
5:36 pm
after five years and four months in captivity. they are there on the ground and they can use intelligence information they can gather. it will be difficult, i'm not sure and i hate to say this online, on air but it will be very miraculous if the soldier comes out of this alive. >> i appreciate the expertise, thank you. coming up, the humanitarian crisis in gaza as violence rages. medical supplies running low, shelters overflowing. i'll speak what, if anything, can be done about it next.
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we've been reporting israeli forces stepped up operations as they search for 23-year-old lieutenant hadar goldin. the citizens of gaza are once again, caught in the cross fire. no time to bury the dead in safety. no time to tend to the wounded or go about the business of everyday life we take for granted. instead, there is only more death and injury, as well, with
5:41 pm
no eletrctricity or water pumpsr sewage systems, it's a crisis escalating with the violence. randi kaye reports. >> reporter: it's a situation that for some relief workers is too much to bear. >> the rights of palestinians, even their children are denied and it's appalling. [crying] >> reporter: the children, there are according to the gaza health ministry more than 325 killed and according to the un, nearly 2,000 wounded. the seize fire that never materialized was supposed to provide an opportunity to treat them, but as the fighting today renewed, there was hardly that chance. cnn's john voss saw at this hospital in gaza doctors frantically treating the newly wounded while standing in blood.
5:42 pm
sharp neil and frank tours and explosives injuries open, wounds, amputated lower limb. >> reporter: more than three weeks into the conflict, around 7,000 people in gaza are reportedly wounded. medical supplies are running low and the veryish show of powering the hospitals is a challenge. the power plant is destroyed. so the main hospital, including all the life support machines running on two generators. food and clean water are a problem, too. water pumps and sewage are failing. leaving reportedly only 5% of water safe to drink. there is also little security to keep anyone here, especially the children, out of harm's way. this woman and her six children are desperately trying to find somewhere safe to go. >> translator: they have killed 45 members of my family. they destroyed our homes.
5:43 pm
my aunt and uncle, all of them killed. >> reporter: the u.n. says a quarter of a million people are housed in shelters but can't take many more and if the fighting continues, tens, if not hundreds of thousands could be stranded in the streets. randi kaye, cnn, new york. chris gunnis joins me tonight. chris, i spoke to your colleague early they are week. he described the situation there, as basically the u.n. being at a breaking point. how dire are the humanitarian consequences at the moment? >> at moment we speak, there are a quarter of a million people in some 90 shelters across the gaza strip. now when i say shelters, i mean schools in ordinary times. schools in which a thousand people come in the morning and leave in the afternoon, some of them have as many as 3.5 to
5:44 pm
4,000 desperate displaced people in them. so water is a huge problem. we have to truck every liter of water to those quarter of a million people. food, likewise, but of course, the ultimate problem is security because when you have a situation where people who would come to the un for safe shelter having been ordered out of their homes by the israeli army, when that same army's artillery can hit those un designated safe areas, we have to admit that nowhere is safe in gaza. >> you say it's not just supplies that are running out, it's that they can't get to where they are needed to go, is that correct? >> yes, that is a major problem. the problem is not having supplies inside gaza. we are a neutral civilian humanitarian organization, and we have nothing but international law, and the force
5:45 pm
of humanitarian principles to protect us, but we're on a battle field essentially, and we rely on the parties to ensure neutrality and when you have a situation where eight of our staff, eight of my coal clleagu have been killed in this, imagine a situation in which eight of your colleagues in cnn had been killed on a battle field. what would cnn's reaction be? wouldn't your bosses pull you out? no, that's not an option available to us. we are leading and the world is seeing us leading the international humanitarian response to the huge human displacement crisis that we're now seeing in gaza as a result of this terrible offense, this offense should i say, this terrible conflict that's going on and we have no choice but to
5:46 pm
stay there and shoulder our humanitarian responsibilities. >> if the displacement of people, the internal displacement of people grows, if this continues, do you have more places for people? i mean, if the numbers keep growing, do you have more shelters? >> we are fast running out of options, but if we're running out of options, so much more the people of gaza, and i think they are facing the abias today because the seize fire and the fact that it may be unraveling or may have unravelled has dire humanitarian consequences for them. as i said, earlier, there are about a quarter of a million people in the un premises. the israeli army has been dropping leaflets and texting people to leave their holes and it's adding to the displacement and our fear is soon we'll find ourselves with tens of
5:47 pm
thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of people stranded in the streets of gaza, no food, no water, no shelter, and ultimately, no security. and that's a very, very worrying prospect. >> chris, appreciate your time. thank you, chris. >> my pleasure. up next, new information about the two americans infected with ebola. one expected to arrive in the united states tomorrow. dr. sanjay gupta is in atlanta with the doctor in charge. that ahead. honey, look i got one to land. uh-huh. (vo) there's good more... honey, look at all these smart rewards points verizon just gave me. ooh, you got a buddy. i'm like a statue. i just signed up and, boom, all these points. ...and there's not-so-good more.
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well, tonight the world health organization say the ebola outbreak is moving faster than the efforts to contain it. it come cs as two americans tha have it are coming back to the united states. they are stable enough to travel. a special equipped plane will bring them to atlanta. this is the doctor that will be treating them in an exclusive interview with dr. sanjay gupta. he shows sanjay the gear he'll wear. it's an elaborate plan getting them home and making sure they won't infect someone else. i know you and i talked about this last night but i want to
5:52 pm
ask you again because i think a lot of people worried about it. how risky is it to bring the patients to the u.s. for treatment? >> well, it's a pretty risky thing. there is no question. simply making sure the patients are medically stable enough is a very important requirement here. i talked to the cdc director earlier and said explain to me why, how this decision got made and he said it was about bringing american citizens who are sick doing this humanitarian work, bringing them home and i asked the lead doctor the very same question. >> we know that the risk is small, but it would be smaller if these patients did not come here. if you don't have anything magical to provide, why take the risk at all? >> i think you have been in that part of the world and you know the level of care that can be delivered. these are americans who went over there to supply
5:53 pm
humanitarian mission of medical care for these individuals, and our feeling is that they desecond tdeserve the best medical to try and resolve this infection that they can get. >> the mortality rates in africa, somewhere between 60 and 90%. the doctor you saw there went on to tell me he thinks it will be better here. they are going to improve the chance of survival. that's another very compelling reason. >> there is no official treatment, so what exactly will they do to care for the patients once they arrive? >> it's supportive therapy, that means support the body while the body is trying to fight the infection. they give the body back fluids, give the body back blood, do those things. that's similar sort of care they feel that they can do it much better, much more efficiently and much more consistently and there is an idea, something we talked about last night about potentially experimental thera y
5:54 pm
therapyintherap therapi therapies, not fda approved but they are in conversations with the fda to see if not approved therapies can be made available. i can tell you, anderson, very basic information is not obtained. they don't know simple blood values. they can't tell me if the patient is on a respirator or when the patient will arrive. they will start from the beginning. >> thanks very much. we'll return to the middle east right after this. sea captain: there's a narratorstorm cominhe storm narrator: that whipped through the turbine which poured... surplus energy into the plant which generously lowered its price and tipped off the house which used all that energy to stay warm through the storm. chipmunk: there's a bad storm comin!
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well, you're looking at gaza city early morning after a night of air strikes, military operations across gaza in the wake of this morning's attack that killed two israeli troops. the status of a third soldier unknown. sarah joins us in southern israel. what are you seeing and hearing, sarah? >> reporter: we've been listening to the sounds of f-15s flying overhead, israeli fighter jets. we've also had to move from a position a couple hours ago because there was a mortar that came in very, very close to where we were. the sound far too close. we had to take cover and leave that area. we've also been hearing a large number of booms into gaza over
5:59 pm
the past several hours, and the result of that, obviously, is destruction and death in gaza itself. what we can tell you as i just got off the phone with the idf and they say look, the search continues. the search for the soldier continues, the mission continues, obviously hearing different things from hamas, putting something out on their facebook and making a statement saying that during the time when there was, the soldier was allegedly captured which is what israel says, they believe that the soldier is dead, if in fact, he was taken, but they lost contact they say with the group in that area. they believe that the soldier may have been killed, if he was assuming as they put it, he was captured by them. there is a lot of information that we do not know the answer to but certainly the idf saying the search and rescue mission
6:00 pm
does continue and they are going forward with their mission to try to denude the entire area of tunnels. >> appreciate the update. that does it for this edition of that does it for this edition of 360, "the sixties" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- something is going to happen that change is on the way. >> we can change america, we can change the world. >> what we need now subpoena a reconciliation in this land. >> there is not anything wrong with you that a good haircut wouldn't cure. >> this election year of 1968 touched the emotions and the logic as never before. >> i think we have a little too much violence in this country. >> we grew up together and we go down together. >> we have that love a